Another Day Alone

I woke up late, thinking about what time she will be online. I know that right now, we have a 15-hour time difference because of daylight saving time. When I woke up at about 12 noon, it was about 9 pm in Calgary.

I quickly turned on my laptop and checked if I can catch her. Luckily I did as she was about to sleep already for her first day at her new school. They just came from getting some groceries for the winter. Aparently, the weather there has not yet turned to be its worst. Good thing as it allows them to at least adopt better.

When she finally had to go to sleep, I went on planning my day. I thought of going to the nearby mall (my apartment is a walking distance from Rockwell) to get some stuff to cook. I was thinking of Maki and Waldorf Salad and Chicken Pesto Marinate so I went checking the web for the ingredients. It’s really interesting how you get to do stuff you usually get tired to do, or even just to think about. Good thing, my house mate brought with him some appliances (like tv, fridge and cooking stuff) as cooking can really save a lot instead of buying meals outside. I had a brief time going around the house and doing some clean-ups before finally going to buy food to cook.

After cleaning up, I went to the grocery to get the stuff I need and went straight back home. While I was cooking, I decided to turn the tv off and put some soothing music from the ipod. I like it when I get to do something while soothing my self with music. It made cooking more relaxing than tiring.

All the while, I was trying to find myself again. I am still missing my girl badly but I know all things work together for good. I always try to look at the brighter side of things though sometimes, you just can’t hide sadness. I often find my self going out of my realities during these times. I didn’t bother my work stuff (which I planned to do in the weekend since I got caught up with a three-day training last week and work just piled up – naturally). I didn’t even bother going out to a party where an office mate of mine invited me. I just thought that it wouldn’t help me relax at all. Right now, I just want to calm my mind. I know that tomorrow, I’ll be back to work – back to the daily grind, the continuous need for good performance, the stuff that corporate people do.

I recalled before how I have always been a dreamer. I mean, I often find myself going aroung the garden, trying to make stuff out of plants and insects. I also remember myself going out to the front yard in a Saturday morning just to be inspired and be able to write a poem. Looking back, I wonder how I got to be in a world where I am right now. Why didn’t I become a painter, or a poet perhaps or a landscape artist? Well, God is leading me where I am right now and I guess this is where I ought to be. But I guess giving in to my artist side wouldn’t be bad. In fact, I guess it would be therapeutic even. Working your logic part of the brain more than eight hours a day sure needs a balancing, working your creative side of the brain. I guess it helps ease out tension and reliefs headaches and psychological pains caused by over working.

Oh well, I guess I just try to get busy now that my Switee has gone quite far to follow her dreams. I am alone again in my apartment. After arriving with my food to cook, I went on and heated up the pan. Well, here’s what I got from being alone:

My version of Switee’s Maki

My version of Switee’s Maki – Huggy style

My Sour Chicken Sort-of-a-Waldorf Salad (red and green apples, cashew, celery, yogurt, mayo, chicken, etc..)

After the preparation, I had a sumptious meal. Sadly, switee’s not here to share my bowls and plates of happiness. Good thing she taught me how to make Maki before she left (we even had a little argument because of it ;) ). When I eat Maki, I feel like she’s near me sharing with it. Oh well. These are just few things to make my feelings a little better. Still, it always more yummy sharing your food with the one you love.

Well, I hope we both get our heads straight soon. I know this is what we want for now. We want to prepare for the future and at the same time experience life to the fullest while we are young :) I know we are holding on to something worth giving all our efforts. And with this, I would like to end my post with a smile.

Take care always switee. Love yah!

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  1. Toinky

    Hi dr, i’ve been visiting your blog….d lang ako maka comment kay mu-tulo ako luha everytime mu-basa ko, ahihihi…
    hay, missing u too! take care ha, luv u so much…
    i miss making maki and other dishes for u, soon….i’ll make all the dishes u love, then we’ll eat together sa park :)

  2. ev

    naks naman!gusto ko sana mag comment about your entry but reading your exchanged conversations here..parang di naman ata kayo nang-iinggeettt ano?!ahehehe!:D

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